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IMAQLIQ company announces the development of a new GPON/GEPON/10GEPON module switch

IMAQLIQ IQ-PON OLT Technical Characteristics

  • Chassis: compatible with ATCA standard
  • Compatible with IEEE 802.3ah, ITU G.984, ITU G.988, IEEE 802.3av
  • Support up to 8192 ONU
  • 2 (support 1+ 1 backup) Switch & Control modules
  • Transmission rate up to 10Gbps for Upstream
  • SLA-based DBA (Dynamic Bandwidth Assignment) support; bandwidth change step (increment)– 8/64 kbit/s
  • AES (128 bit key) for downstream and RS (255239) FEC for downstream/upstream
  • Switch Capacity up to 240 Gbps
  • Backplane bus bandwidth up to 480 Gbps
  • IGMP snooping/Proxy for multicast
  • Up to 8-10 GEPON/GPON/10GEPON Line cards
  • Management: SNMP/Syslog/Telnet/SSH/Console
  • Power supplying: DC -32V…-72V/ 220V AC
  • Power consumption: < 800W

IMAQLIQ IQ-PON PON OLT exterior view  

(ATCA – Vertical installation)


ATCA – Advanced Telecommunications Computing Architecture


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