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GEPON equipment is used for construction of a broadband optical access network with FTTx on the “last mile” architecture. The most widespread technologies of FTTx networks construction are GEPON and MetroEthernet. Each technology possesses a number of distinctive features, whereas application of GEPON architecture is technologically and economically advisable in following cases:

  • Construction of tree structure subscriber network for cottage communities;
  • Communications services for new residential areas

Advantages of GEPON technology

  • High speed data transmission rate – up to 2,5 Gbit/s to the subscriber;
  • “Point-to-multipoint” network construction (tree structure), the network is completely passive between the points (network maintenance expenses reduction);
  • Complete management of user connection and consumed services from a single control and monitoring centre (traffic department support expenses reduction);
  • Flexible traffic management;
  • Required degree of service quality providing with CoS and QoS technologies; dynamic traffic assignment by means of DBA mechanism (Dynamic BandwidthAssignment)

General Features

  • CCompatible with IEEE802.3ah standart
  • Each PON port supports up to 128 ONUs, maximum capacity 512 ONU
  • SLA-based DBA (Dynamic Bandwidth Assignment) support, bandwidth change step – 8 kbit/s


  • Authentication by ONU’s MAC address
  • Separation of rights for access to device management on the basis of logon name and password
  • ACLs (Access Control Lists) support
  • Encryption of messages between OLT and ONU, dynamic key update

Device Management

  • Centralized management; all ONUs can be managed via OLT
  • Remote management via Telnet and console
  • Storage of system messages and warnings
  • Support of software updating via TFTP
  • Support of automatic and automated ONU software update
  • Support of Ping, Traceroute

Ethernet Features

  • 6 Gigabit Ethernet ports for connecting to the main network (2 x 1000BASE-X SFP, 4 x 10/100/1000BASE-TX)
  • IEEE 802.3ad, IEEE 802.1 D & IEEE 802.1w
  • Support of IEEE 802.1Q VLAN
  • Support of 4092 VLAN
  • Support of 8000 MAC addresses
  • Support of the isolation of individual ONUs and provision of interaction
  • Support of Flow Control
  • Support of Broadcast Storm Control
  • Configuration of static MAC addresses

QoS Features

  • Traffic classification
  • Bandwidth control based on port, MAC address, IP address, TCP/UDP port, ToS/Diffserv values and CAR (Committed Access Rate), bandwidth change step – 64 Kbit/s
  • Each port supports 8 queues
  • Support of SP (Strict Priority), WRR (Weighted Round Robin) and other algorithms of queue processing


  • Support of IGMP snooping: IGMP V1/V2
  • Support IGMP Proxy
  • Support of static link to multicast group
  • Support of subscriber connection control

Optical Interface Specifications

  • Support of IEEE802.3ah standart

Optical interface parameters

  • Maximum transmission distance 20 km

Transmission mode

  • Power +2..+7 dBm
  • Wave length 1490 nm
  • Data transmission rate 1,25/2,5 Gbit/s

Receiving mode

  • Receiver sensitivity ≤-26 dBm
  • Wave length 1310 nm
  • Data transmission rate 1,25 Gbit/s
  • Optical connectors
  • Connector type SC/PC
  • Induced attenuation 0,4 dB

Specification of electrical GE ports

  • Standart: IEEE802.3 10/100/1000BASE-TX
  • Transmission rate: 10/100/1000 Mbit/s
  • Connector type: RJ-45
  • Standart: IEEE802.3 1000BASE-X
  • Transmission rate: 1000 Mbit/s
  • Connector type: SFP (installation of SFP modules is necessary)

Operating Conditions, Power Supply, Dimensions

  • Operating temperature: 0 to 40°C
  • Storage temperature: -30 to 80°C
  • Humidity: 95%
  • Power unit DC 48V: -40 .. -72 V
  • Power unit AC 220V: 100 V .. 240 V
  • Power consumption (at full load): 70 W
  • 432(width)x44(height)x400(length)mm 1,1 kg

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